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About Us

The Buckley Family purchased Brookdale Contractors back in 2012 after selling their well-established transport company Bullbuck to a corporate company.  They then purchased Brookdale Contractors now Brookdale Quarry Supplies

Brookdale Contractors / Brookdale Quarry Supplies started out as just a small family run business selling sand Pindan and decorative rocks; river shingle and north pole. In the last nine years it has grown far beyond what the Buckley family could imagine. Some of which can be attributed to the acquirement of Elazac Quarry.

In the last 5 years Brookdale have doubled their staff. With now 4 office staff a Brookdale yard operator, 5 operators out at Elazac, 2 fulltime Brookdale truckdrivers and over 5 subcontractor truckdrivers.

In the last few years Brookdale has secured some major contracts such as the Wodgina airport in 2019 and the Koodaideri Air strip in 2020 and have been successful in a great proportion of the MRWA major and minor resealing programs with in Pilbara area.